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Safety tips for breastfeeding and dieting at the same time

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In reality, you shouldn't be dieting while nursing or right after having a baby.. You just HAD A BABY :) You can simply eat whole foods and healthy options and honestly, you will have a big appetite while nursing, so always eat! Don't try to go without food or water while you are nursing, it will hurt your milk supply and hurt your own well being, big time! I would say way healthy foods, fruits, veggies, meats, protein, and keep yourself full of h2o.. The baby weight will come off, I promise you, but you need to be healthy in order to feed that baby too!


Make sure you're still getting plenty of nutrition and healthy fats if you are dieting and breastfeeding at the same time. Fats are very important in the composition of breast milk for child's development--especially that of the brain.

Keep in mind, too, that breastfeeding itself will aid in weight loss for many women.

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Safety tips for breastfeeding and dieting at the same time
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