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What is the best clothing to wear when breastfeeding baby

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use a large t-shirt over tank top so your stomach or back won't show in the public. I hate to use blanket so I use this method to be discret. People wouldn't notice


I had a few nursing tops and dresses but for the most part regular tops and wearing a top and skirt were the most budget friendly options, as well as the most comfortable for me.


I found that there is SO many stylish options out there... but they can be expensive. So if you opt for new trendy styles and money is not an option then a trip to your local maternity store would be your best best ... they have so much fun and festive wear that it is crazy!

However, if cost matters i found that loose works best ... wearing a larger shirt or a tank under a larger shirt works too.

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What is the best clothing to wear when breastfeeding baby
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