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What breastfeeding older children really looks like?

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I don't usually take photos of myself while breastfeeding but I took a blurry one of myself for a nursing pillow review. Here it is in all our glory and yes, I am completely covered up. It was winter....lol!

Jr. is under the blanket there somewhere!


Here is my 20 month old breastfeeding. She doesn't sit still to breastfeed and she climbs all over me.


Breastfeeding at 21 months looks something like this (twiddling censored, because while I love you all, I'm still trepedacious about posting my own nudity on the internet, regardless of intention). She's kind of kneeling, kind of standing, and I'm taking an elbow to the chin. All in a normal day.

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What breastfeeding older children really looks like?
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