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What to do if baby says a bad word

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He is learning what us right and wrong so a basic and calm conversation explaining that it is really naughty and bad would have been enough. Also, I would try to find where he got bad words from: is it TV, parents, other people? A child is only learning so they did not deserve physical punishment for doing that. They clearly didn't understand why they were saying it and what it meant nor did it on purpose.


If our baby ever said a bad word we would always completely ignore the whole situation. We wouldn't make a comment or even a face. They are looking for a reaction of any kind. Making no reaction makes them not want to say or do the action again. I remember Rocky said "shit" once at Wal-Mart, but no one could understand him anyways. We ignored it and never heard him say it again.


I think if it's a baby baby, like a one year old or so, I would encourage other words haha. I would find a word they like and repeat it to get them to say that one instead. If it's a 2 or 3 year old 'baby,' then you have to really make sure you don't laugh!! Laughing will encourage them to repeat and I'm assuming you don't want your kids repeating bad words all the time

you can ignore too, no reaction from you would probably get them to say something else to get attention from you.

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What to do if baby says a bad word
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