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Bring home baby outfits: are hats necessary?

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I think it depends on the weather when you bring baby home . All but one of my boys were born when the weather was either really cold or still chilly so I brought hats for them and used them when we left the hospital . They lose heat quickly when they are that tiny especially from the head so for us it was a must !!!


Hats are super important for babies. I was always told that babies lose so much body heat from their head, so you should keep it covered as a newborn. Each of my babies received a handmade hat from the hospital. Rocky wore his home. I brought a really pretty one with a fancy flower for Annabelle to wear home. I thought they were necessary, too, because there was a chill in the air on the day they were brought home.

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Bring home baby outfits: are hats necessary?
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