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How to prevent baby causing scratch on face with fingernails

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I know a lot of people like to put those little mittens on baby to keep them from scratching their face . I never did , I cant stand those things . My babies loved their hands and I always felt bad "taking them away" from them . I just always tried to keep their nails trimmed short . I know a lot of moms don't like having to cut the babies nails but you can also file them if that is easier . Once in awhile they get a little scratch but not anything major .


Lucas was born with pretty short nails and they were super soft. So he didn't scratch his face too much when he was a newborn. I know they have special mittens though, to protect their fingers from scratching their faces. Now after a few months, Lucas's nails started growing like crazy and he scratched himself all the time!! We just make sure they clipped down nicely and clipped a little more rounded. That way his nails won't have sharp corners to scratch with. He's been relatively scratch free while we're doing this. :)


Both of my kids wore mittens when they were babies. They are really helpful in the first two months or so when they're scratching their face up a lot.

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How to prevent baby causing scratch on face with fingernails
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