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What is a healthy breastfeeding diet plan

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Honestly, there is no set diet that will work for every breastfeeding Mom. Some Moms will have to cut out diary or something of the sort.. Others will be fine. The catch here to remember is.. You are feeding your baby from yourself too! You HAVE to keep that in mind. You need to be eating whole foods.. Fruits, veggies and you must eat plenty to keep producing and maintaining your supply. You will burn many calories while nursing, so you need to always have something in your stomach that is healthy. Also, drink drink drink that water!


There is no diet plan for breastfeeding but you should eat them in small portions throughout the day to keep your breastmilk flowing. Ideal is 5-7 small meals a day with healthy snacks in between. Drink ton of water.

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What is a healthy breastfeeding diet plan
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