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Can brown haired newborn babies turn blonde?

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Yes, I believe so! My cousin Becca had her son (Ronan) a little over a year ago and he was born with dark brown hair. It all fell out after a few months and now he has super curly blonde hair!!! It's completely ridiculous because both his mom and dad have dark hair! Haha, but blonde does run in the family for Becca (his mom.) So who knows! I might darken up as he get's older too! :)


my oldest son was born with a head of dark hair. It all fell out aftet a few months and he has been blonde as ever since then. He is 10 :)


Rocky was born with dark brown hair. Annabelle was born with almost black hair. Rocky's hair has changed to light brown. Annabelle's hair is now blonde. You just never know what it will be. Some of my nieces and nephews hair has also changed similarly.

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Can brown haired newborn babies turn blonde?
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