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Can you use a Bumbo seat in the bath tub

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No, they are not safe to use as a bath seat. They will float and possibly turn your baby upside down. It is not possible to secure them to the tub. Using a Bumbo seat in the bath tub can result in death.


I personally would not use a Bumbo seat in a bath tub. Bumbo seats are meant to be floor seats. And they are great for that. But, it would not be safe in a slippery bathtub. I think that using a bath sling makes much more sense-- and is much safer until your baby can sit up on his or her own.

Bumbo seats are great, but remember to use them on the floor. Not on chairs, tables, counters, or bath tubs. But on the floor.

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Can you use a Bumbo seat in the bath tub
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