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How much caffeine is safe to consume during the first trimester?

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I am a big coffee drinker usually 2 or 3 cups a day . When I was pregnant I always cut it down to one cup a day . That is usually the recommendation from doctors . Some moms completely cut it out but I think a small amount is fine . With my last pregnancy I was so sick I actually didn't drink any coffee at all , I couldn't stomach it at all ! You know I was sick if I didn't have coffee !! LOL


Most doctors recommend only consuming caffeine in small amounts. One or two cups of coffee/tea/soda a day should not be a problem. Personally I limited myself to only one cup of coffee a day and I was careful not to consume any other caffeine sources. I feel that most foods are fine as long as they are in moderation.

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How much caffeine is safe to consume during the first trimester?
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