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There are many neat boys names . Biblical names are always good solid names . All of my boys have biblical names except one . I am pretty keen on traditional names . I also like Cody , Conner , Nicholas , Owen . Just make sure your name is something they can use well into adulthood you don't want a name that sound cute or is too unique and then when they are an adult it just seems odd .


I named my son, Jonah, after the book in the bible. I wanted a biblical name and, also, Jonah is a favorite story of mine. I wanted his middle name to be Eli but my hubby wanted it Steven...to carry on part of his name. I also like the name: Jacob. I have a cousin named Jacob.


My boys names are Jordan, Jason, Aiden, Nick and Cody, I am currently expecting again, if it's a boy this time his name will be Aaron


Nobal Todd fa a boy very different i love em


Aiden Smith

Arthur Alan

Ezra Dean

Ezekial Arthur


Jackson moved up one spot to claim the top boy's name, ending Aiden's eight-year reign.Family names are all the rage, and grandparents are the number one source of inspiration for new parents

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Popular boy's name options
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