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How long does a 5 month old baby sleep?

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Ooo Ooo! I can answer this.. because well... we HAVE a 5 month old currently :) Although, until he was 4 months he didn't sleep through the night.. he was/is a tiny guy and needed those night time calories until month 4.. but that's a-okay with us! Such is life.. babies are all so different. That being said.. we are lucky and so blessed now. Monroe typically goes down for bed around 8pm or 8:30pm.. Sometimes he gets restless in the night, makes a peep or two.. but other than that, he will sleep in until 7am.. sometimes as late as 8:30am! That is a lot of AMAZING sleep hours :) But that's just him. All babies are so different. Some sleep 8 hours solid, some 10 hours.. some 12 hours. Take note that Monroe doesn't typically nap for long at all during the day. I know some babies take a few hour long naps throughout the day.. he does not. He takes tiny cat naps ALL DAY long.. ha! But I will take it as he loves his bedtime sleep!

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How long does a 5 month old baby sleep?
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