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How did your breast size change after pregnancy?

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Before I had very small boobs, like in the A's. When I was pregnant, I got up to the B's, and afterwards while breast-feeding, in the C's. After I stopped breastfeeding, I shrank down a lot. Now I'm in the B's, but my breast's aren't very full looking at all. They appear smaller than they are, which is a tragedy in my mind. My SO likes them just fine, but I'd be much happier bigger, or at least fuller! :(


Mine are larger than before I had kids about 2 sizes but they are not as big as when I was breastfeeding .There were HUGE !! LOL . Some women's breasts get smaller after breastfeeding and I wouldn't have minded if mine did ! They can also not be as perkey as they once were !!


mine grew alot I went from a 36B to a 36C during breast feedings and mine didn't shrunk in size they stayed big they even pop out of my bra at times I think I might have the wrong size I.need to get it resized


by the end of my pregnancy, I was a cup size up, and after I had her, I went up another cup size to a C! I was so sad that they shrunk back down after I stopped breast feeding, lol! Couldn't I have kept the boobs?

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How did your breast size change after pregnancy?
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