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Can you dye your hair when you are pregnant

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Coloring your hair while pregnant is generally safe. You can always check with your Doctor is you have concerns. There is very little absorption of the color through your scalp and most if not all hair color is non toxic.
If you are concerned you can always do highlights or a foil with color so that the color is not on your scalp. Or you can do semi or demi permanent color all over because they do not typically contain ammonia or the levels of peroxide like the permanent colors do.
Also keep in mind that everything that your body goes through eventually comes through your hair, any medication, chemical, or hormone change will effect the way your hair reacts to hair color even if you've never had a problem before, you may think you are getting golden brown and it ends up bright red, it is because of the hormones. Some women even develop an allergy to hair color while pregnant so make sure you do a skin patch test.

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Can you dye your hair when you are pregnant
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