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Understanding your 9 month old baby tantrums

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As babies become mobile, the start to show their independence desires. Starting at 7-8 months your baby is realizing that he/she is a separate being from their main caregiver. This is the time when they find a lovey, a security object to comfort them. Sometimes they will throw a tantrum, as we often see in toddlers. These tantrums can be the realization of growing up into a separate being, over stimulated, over tired, hunger, teething, ect. Remember to stay calm, be attentive, talk to your child and find what works for you.


We typically respond by how many tears there are. Whining loudly with no tears usually means he wants attention and we either ignore him or play with him on the floor if we feel he needs more stimulation. If Lucas is whining and he has a little bit of tears, it typically means he's hungry. He knows it's coming but he still gets mad lol. And the horrifying 'mom I'm dying' screaming bloody murder crying and waterfalls coming out of his tears means he hurt himself or extremely pissed off about something (right now that means his teeth.) And we pick him up soothe and calm him down.

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Understanding your 9 month old baby tantrums
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