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C-section or natural birth?

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I had a csection with my twins and #15. All my other births have been natural.


I had a C-section 17 yrs. ago and I was able to have a vbac 3 yrs. ago and I'm fine! So it's your choice what you want to do and nobody else


natural bith


I had an emergency c-section my first pregnancy after trying to be induced for three days (even pitocin didn't work) and after going through all of that I didn't get any milk to breastfeed. So this time I've scheduled a c-section and having my tubes tied since I'm done having kids.


I had three all natural home births and one in the hospital. I didn't have any pain meds in the hospital.


I have had both. My twins were my only c-section and I have had 5 VBAC so far.


I wanted a natural birth, but as with many women in my family, we have narrow birth canals and cannot give birth naturally, unfortunately. So, I had to have a Cesarean.


I had an emergency C-Section because James was starting to stress out. I was prepared for a natural birth, but after being in labor for about 37 hours and only dilated to a 4 and a half, my doctor made the call to have me prepped for a c-section.

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1. I figured out who will take care of my older kids and pets when labor starts. I have a back-up person in case my first choice can’t get here right away.
C-section or natural birth?
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