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Do you like Carters baby wear?

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I love carters! the clothes is beyond adorable! specially the Halloween costumes.


I love Carters' brand clothing and the other branches from them they have. It is my first choice in clothes. The colors do not tend to fade as opposed to other brands, the quality is excellent, and the price is not too shabby. Plus, they fit my son's body type a lot better compared to other brands. And, the clothes are absolutely adorable!


I started buying Carters this yr for my third baby and so far I like there clothes, quality and most of it the price when they have a 50% to 70% off I actually bought a $37.00 one piece bear coat for $19.00


Yes I love it!!! They have simple designs that you can mix and match and I love the onsies and little pants . That is pretty much all my little one wears. I love that they make long sleve onsies for the colder months too!

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Do you like Carters baby wear?
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