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Can I give baby water for constipation?

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I would only use juice for constipation issues ... i would not introduce it into daily routine . I would stick with water!


I don't give juice unless they are a bit constipated, or something like that. My pedi did say that a few oz of water starting at 6 months is okay, and good practice for the sippy.


Water and Juice - depends if baby is constipated, but generally 5 or 6 months.


We have given sugar water to K. For pain, constipation, and many other reasons. You don't put sugar in it to make it sweet, I was given it, as was my brother, niece, other family. For pain and other reasons. My daughter does drink juice, as she can not have milk, besides soy milk, which she does not like to drink often as her body gets used to it and starts to react just like how it does when her lactose intolerance is acting up. and she drinks water very often; juice is more of a treat.

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Can I give baby water for constipation?
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