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Baby wash and shampoo: keeping out of eyes

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I kept baby's head tilted back and usually did not have any issues unless they started to fuss or flail. I would keep a wash cloth and towel handy for quick wipes around the eyes in case of an accident.

If I was washing their hair in the sink I just tilted their head back and used a wash cloth to wet their hair and to rinse it out. I would do the same in the tub if they were not old enough to lay in the tub while I washed their hair.

Having a small cup can help rinse the shampoo and soap off as well.

Sometimes, if baby will let you, you can place a dry face cloth over their forehead and eyes to prevent soap and water from dripping into their eyes.

It is all kind of trial and error until you find what works best for you and your baby.

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Baby wash and shampoo: keeping out of eyes
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