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How often should I change my baby's diaper?

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it all depend on the child, if the child drinks a full bottle every 2 1/2 hr when born then i will say every 2 hrs after that bottle to avoid rashes.. but if the child is already drinking every so often then when the diaper is full to avoid unnessesary changing
( diapers are VERY expensive)


I remember when my son was first born I would change his diaper at least once an hour or every half hour.

Anyways, after about a week I realized that other moms don't change their babies' diapers so often.

So, I change them before they get uncomfortable. Probably every 2-3 hours depending upon how wet they are. If they made a #2, I changed them immediately.


I change diapers as often as needed, I don't have any set time limit on how often I change them. If I'm changing a poopy one I'll let them finish pooping before I change it and wet diapers I change as soon as they are done peeing.


Change the diaper as often as needed. I have pamper swaddlers that have a wetness indicator strip that tells me when baby is wet. I change my daughter as soon as I know she's wet.

I change her diaper when she's showing signs of being wet or soiled.

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How often should I change my baby's diaper?
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