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Chewing ice during pregnancy: do you?

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I did with all of my pregnancies. I always wanted fountain sodas with extra extra ice just so I could chew on the ice. I usually would ask for a second cup just filled with ice. Ironically my iron levels were always normal when I got my blood tests. Lol.


I am on an ice kick. I usually get like this in my third trimester. I go to McDonalds quite a bit just to get a cup of ice that I can chew on.


I've always loved chewing on ice. I've heard it can be a sign of an iron deficiency... but when I was anemic while pregnant with Hayden I didn't want ice at all so I'm not sure that's why I crave it


I loved chewing on ice in my labors in the hospital! I can't say that I ever craved it though.


I did while I was pregnant with my last too but not now . Most of these I am not to surprised by .

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Chewing ice during pregnancy: do you?
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