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My baby has a yellow color to his skin, what could it be?

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It could be jaundice (they usually they are tested for that at birth), or it could be the food you are feeding him/her. Orange and yellow foods will cause the skin to appear yellowish if given too much. I usually will give my son orange or yellow colored foods about once a week. Discontinue the above mentioned foods for a week and see if his/her skin does not return to normal. If it does, it was the foods (more than likely), if not I would contact the child's doctor.


It is possible that it is food related. If you feed your baby an abundance of orange veggies it can actually ting their skin but it could also be something more serious. An issue with the bilirubin called jaundice especially if they are a newborn. I would have it checked out by your doctor.

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My baby has a yellow color to his skin, what could it be?
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