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When your child needs a bra

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My daughter wore a spandex type "training" bra for a bit when she was 9 that's when she started to "bud" now she has more of a regular type bra she wears. I think it was more scary for me as a mother that's the first step on becoming a women. She is excited it's like a new accessory to her but I have to remind her that it's not a fashion choice it's a must as a women. She's 10 now and is getting used to wearing them and wearing the correct colors under certain shirts.


Katie wears a sports bra and she's 6. She's been wearing a bra since she was five but it wasn't an everyday thing. When she started cheering she noticed most of the girls wore a sports bra so she wanted to. Last year the girls in her class made fun of her for wearing them. But since she noticed the other girls she wears a bra to school and all the time.


When your big girl needs a bra is always a slightly uncomfortable thought. Is my little girl growing up? Well, quite possibly, yes. The best time to start buying a bra is when they develop breast buds. Those usually look like the tissue around the nipple is just a slight bit swollen. Many young ladies like to start with sports bras, which is what my daughter used. Once sports bras no longer do the trick you can go for a fitting!

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When your child needs a bra
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