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Help for child eating too much food

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I had to asked this question to my doctor, my son is 2 yrs old and he CAN eat.. so what the doctor said to me was " is very normal for boys with very high level of energy, so to keep in mind that lots of food wasn't good for him either if he didn't have any outside activities so to keep stick cheese, pieces of fruits veggies, things on the go for him not to be trying to eat big portions at one time, when he gets older the more his active he becomes the more food he or she would what but is up to me to fed him the right food and right portions"


My son eats when he gets home from school then if he wants anything else before or after dinner I ask him to wait 5 minutes and if he's still hungry get something and sometimes he starts watching tv or playing a game and never comes back for anything. Biggest problem with him is he won't eat veggies and oh he also eats way to fast. We have to tell him all the time to slow down and try to explain to him that eating fast doesn't give his stomach time to feel full and you over eat. My daughter has been eating more but she's also getting taller and has her monthly now


Having healthy “grazing” snacks readily available. I like to munch while I work and will absent-mindedly eat whatever's beside me. While staying mindful of food may be an ideal, I do it, and I know other people do it too, so filling my space with delicious, nutritious foods helps. If I have to work for it, I'm probably not going to eat it.


So instead, I've divided up our fridge and have specific areas for snacks that the kids can take anytime no matter what. The snacks in our cabinet and freezer they know that they have to ask first before taking it.

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Help for child eating too much food
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