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Should you ask your adult child for rent?

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It depends on what kind of job the child have, not full rent but at least a few $$ to help out on other stuff like food, laundry supplies, and other stuff that are need it!!!


I think that if your legally aloud to go to parties and go to college and all the other things that come with being an adult, i think making them pay rent is a learning lesson. However, if they are just staying with you for a while, I think asking them to pay rent is ridiculous because when you have any other adult guest, they don't pay so neither should your child. The paying rent rule only applys if they are not attending college and still at home.


if your adult child is trying hard to save money and trying to get out on their own I believe they should stay for free, let them save as much as possible but if they are being lazy and sponging off of you make them learn responsibility by paying rent for staying with you

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Should you ask your adult child for rent?
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