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Baby name: how did you find your child's name

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My brother gave us the idea for my son's (Liam) name since me and my husband have some Irish ancestry. And my husband thought of the middle name David


We decided that the name for the baby already. We want to stick to our Italian tradition and want to give him/her an Italian name. The girl name will be Gianna Gisella, the boy name is Gianni Gabriel.


For our babies together we agreed on Lucas Holden, Aiden Jacob, Riley Emma and Anastasia Evelyn. We simply brainstormed names we liked and have always liked since we started thinking about kids and then started putting them together! We have Abigail Sonya and our Lucas Holden and are now hoping to get our Riley Emma!!! The other names are simply back ups


My oldest I named after somebody I knew in high school. My son is named after his great grandpa's, second daughter after her great grandma's and third daughter we found a name that would reflect the blessing we received. We love looking in the family tree for names.

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Baby name: how did you find your child's name
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