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Our crib converts in to a toddler bed we will have to get a side thing for him. But I'm hoping he will not be in a toddler bed till he is 1 1/2... but who knows... IF we have more babies fingers crossed we will have 2 or 3 cribs in one room... Ahhh it will be crazy but that's ok I'm excited :) We will figure it all out when the time comes. But each baby will need a crib and hoping that their bed will covert to a toddler bed... so we wont need any other big bed's cause lil ones will not want to sleep down stairs till they are much older...

My cousin had a futon mattress on the floor when her son needed a toddler bed. It worked great for them and it was super safe cause it was on the floor.


Clara was in her crib until she was three. She is potty trained and old enough to let me know if she needs to go in the middle of the night. She has always been short so climbing out of her crib never happened lol. I was tired of constantly picking her up to get her in the crib, and get her out. So I went mattress shopping and bought her a nice, pillowtop twin mattress and it's been good so far. it's a little strange for her but she knows she was too big for the crib and it was time to get a big girl bed. I skipped the whole toddler bed thing. It's not necessary. A twin size works perfectly for her. She's got plenty of room to flop around at night and have her favorite bedtime buddies with her lol.


At what age would you switch to a toddler bed? My son is 19 mos. and is still in his crib. I am ready for him to switch but I fear when he wakes up at night he will be all over the house instead of going back to bed like he currently does in his crib right now. And at this moment him climbing out out his crib isn't an issue. I'm not quite sure where to go from here.


My girls went from a crib straight to toddler bed. They were only in the toddler bed for about 8 months then my oldest got a full size bed( I got a really good deal on it) and my youngest has a twin size bed.


well my daughter's crib is a convertible one. it changes from a crib to a toddler bed to the head board of a full sized bed. Trying to get her to sleep in it is another story. I have been letting her fall asleep on the couch, but once she's sleep i move her. She wakes up during the night and no matter where i am she snuggles in behind or on the side of me.

not sure what i should do to keep her in her bed and in her room


We have been using this bed since my kid was born. It is quite useful and lasts quite long till teenage. It can be easily to use as a crib, and later convert to a toddler bed, a twin bed: http://alturl.com/go586

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Beds for toddlers
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