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What to expect when being induced into labor

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This was my experiance could be different for everyone. I was given Pitocin. I didn't have pain med right away I thought I could be tough and not need them (I was WRONG) its a whole different kind of pain... BUT I got the shot and not sure the time laps but the pain was almost unbearable with the contractions! By the second one which was a good 2'' off the chart thing on the monitor!! BAD!!! I was sitting on the side of the bed and waiting for the pain meds be given I had another contraction and almost passed out it was so bad after I got the pain meds and they kicked in it was sooo SOOO much better. The Dr came in about an hour later and broke my water and then things started to move along. It was a lot of pressure and yes it was uncomfortable each contraction was different but I could watch tv and talk to my hubby. BUT for me things didn't go quickly I was in labor for 16 or 18 hours and after being at 9.5 cm dialated and not progressing for over 5 hours. I have a new DR come in and she gave me an hour and said if things don't get better then we are going to have to go to plan B. So at 2:00am I had a simi emergency c-section. Baby was starting to stress out, and he was crooked also apparently as I was in labor and dilating I was loosing a lot of blood but no one took note of this... So needless to say I had a C-Sec at 2:00 am and Owen was born at 2:23 am. Surgery didn't go so well for me lost a lot of blood but 5 days 2 transfusions and an adorable baby later we got to go home :)

I highly recomend signing all the concent forms for pain meds all those before you are induced. If you don't want them then you don't have to take them but if you decide you want them then the forms are signed and you can get those meds right away and not have to wait for that whole process while your in so much pain...


I was induced with my last one because of a fluid issues . when I came in they got me all set up and an IV in and then they started me on Pitocin to get things going . They would slowly increase the amount to get the contractions stronger and get things to move along . I was having issues dilating because of having so much fluid his head wouldn't come down to help push on and dilate the cervix . They had me on super high dose of the Pitocin and things were not progressing . as soon as they broke my water things went very quickly !


I was induced with all of my pregnancies. Only 1 was after my due date. I was also working and it was easier for me to give a leaving and returning date. Luckily I was induced with my son. I was going to just wait until I went into labor on my own since I wasn't working but my doctor insisted I be induced since he was going on vacation when I was due and I was almost ready to go on my own. Turns out the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck which made me start to think what would have happened if I waited. I'm not saying that I believe its the safest method or everyone should do it. I actually believe that its what cause me to have such long labors since my body obviously wasn't ready to do it on its own and was being forced into labor.


we were set to induce on Friday, June 13th, 2014.

I was able to get to 7cm without using pain meds, but eventually I decided that pain meds, but not the epidural, was the only way I would get my mind away from my poor legs, and focused on the contractions as it should be. So, I asked Jessica what options, other than an epidural, did I have, that would either not cross the placenta, or wear off before birth. She suggested Stadol, being sure to say it'd just take the edge off, and so I trusted her and got 1mg of stadol. That helped exactly as I wanted, and I was able, finally, to relax between contractions

Pushing was definitely my favorite part. Oh, it was hard, but it was so rewarding!

Avery came out in just two pushes (after crowning) and was placed on my chest.


I was induced on September 8th at 3pm last year. We got there and they hooked me all up right away with the Pitocen. They waited for me to get some contractions, which took a while, and around 11pm I got my epidural. They broke my water some time in the night. I actually don't remember because I was tired and sleeping a lot of the time haha. It was a really good and pain free experience for me! Everyone is different though and you can never really truly know exactly what to expect! :)


I was induced and it was the worst experience I've ever had. I went in around 7am and I was immediately hooked up to Pitocen and within 30 minutes being hooked up, they broke my water. That was the biggest mistake in the world. Breaking my water before my body was ready, caused me to have insane contractions that did not progress labor. So if I could give one piece advice, if you get pitocen, let your water break on it's own or wait a LONG time before having it broken!

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What to expect when being induced into labor
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