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Help for child having night terrors

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Night terrors are more common in boys than girls and tend to run in families. The cause is unknown, but they can be triggered by stress, sleep deprivation, and fatigue. Sometimes they're accompanied by a fever. Night terrors (also called sleep terrors) typically occur one to two hours after a child falls asleep -- before the child enters REM sleep (the deepest type). Some kids cry and move around in their bed during a night terror; others get up and walk around. "They look at you like they're awake, but they're not really awake. Autumn my daughter seems to do this once in awhile. I know that it runs on her dads side of the family and so I don't react, I wait until she lays back down and whisper it's okay and she sleeps through the night.


Meditation for children is so beautiful and helpful for their minds.. It helps them be able to think of good things especially before sleep . I have adult guided meditation cd's I play for my kids too.. My nephew has night terrors and when he stays with me and listens to the meditation at sleep time he has done fine every time. I will post some links to some you tube meditations I have found and love.


My daughter had TERRIBLE night terrors which she finally outgrew. They're much harder on YOU than they are on her. Just keep her safe and take comfort in the fact that she doesn't remember them.


Ashton talked to her and said that would never happen and we will always protect her. Ash slept with her the next 2 nights until she felt safe again. I think she only thought about that because she caught a glimpse of her daddy watching Terminator.


He would sleep walk on top of the terrors. It was hard to wake him up from them. We'd just tell him to go back to bed and he'd go. Or if he was really upset, we'd tell him it was ok, we're here, you are safe and then send him to bed. He never remembered any of it. It is unnerving though as a parent.

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Help for child having night terrors
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