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¨Forever angel you'll be mine
Today, tomorrow, for all of time
Upon my breast, you lay so sweet
Dear child of mine my pain is deep
Your eyes are closed, your breath is still, I could but think this can't be real
Your heart so strong on ultrasound
Today it is without a sound
So many plans we had for you
Are laid to rest as you are too
A day won't pass I will forget
You'll forever be my angel yet.¨

¨I never got to say hello
I only got to kiss you
I never got to take you home and I really sorely miss you.
I never got to see your smile or even hear your laugh.
The only thing I've got of you is your precious photographs
I never thought I'd lose you or that we would ever be apart
I think about you every day for your right inside my heart
I long to hold you one last time to show how much I care
I can see you lying in my arms then I awake and you're not there
I'll never get to see you walk and I'll never hear you cry
The only thing I got to do was tell you goodbye.¨


¨I thought of you with love today but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday and days before that too. I think of you in silence. I often speak your name. All I have are memories and pictures in a frame. Your memory is my keepsake which with I'll never part. God has you in his keeping. I have you in my heart.¨

¨Today it would be wonderful to see you play or smile but Heaven lent you to this world for just a little while And in that short but precious time you brought along much love and all that love is with you now in Heaven up above Your leaving caused so many tears and such a lot of pain but God needed one more angel so He took you back again.¨

¨An Angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth And whispered As He closed the book, too beautiful for this earth.¨

¨You never said I'm leaving, You never said good-bye, You were gone before I knew it and only God knows why, A million times we've needed you, A million times we've cried. If love alone could of saved you, you would of never died. In life we loved you dearly, In death we love you still. In our hearts you hold a place, no one else will ever fill. It broke our hearts to lose you, but you didn't go alone. Part of us went with you, the day God took you home.¨


‘I’ll lend you for a little while a child of mine’ God said

‘For you to love the while he lives and mourn for when he’s dead’

It may be six or seven months, or forty two or three years,

But will you, till I call him back, take care of him for me?

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Share some child loss poems
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