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Help for child not eating enough

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We give ours pediasure if they don't eat a meal it's expensive but worth it when your one year old weighs the same as your four year old. She gets told that she's not getting anything until the next meal but she gets a pediasure to drink just so that she doesn't lose any weight. Usually by dinner she's willing to eat what's served.


my brothers would make ecues for not eating dinner my mom would say to them " if you dfont et dinner then no more meals till you eat" and the next night she would take us out to a really good resurant but my brothers couldnt eat. So when they got home they would eat dinner from the day before and get resurant leftovers the next day.


As long as your doctor said he is growing fine then there is no concern. Some kids just aren't ready and there is no need to push them.

It is important to not make food a battle or a forced thing. Let him dictate when he is going to eat. Keep offering food and at some point he will eat it.


There are many creative ways to help your child eat more. First thing you want to do is go with small portions. I liked to get an empty ice tray and fill the holes with fruits and veggies. They get a variety of healthy food and not intimidated by large portions. Plus for some odd reason the ice tray was super cool to the kids.


I'd increase the amount of calories and quality of food they are taking in.

High calorie foods could include: avocado, cheese, nuts and seeds, smoothies, granola, quinoa, any nut butters, adding butter, olive oil, coconut oil to foods to increase the amount of calories they were consuming.

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Help for child not eating enough
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