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What would you recommend as the best cream for stretch marks?

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Actually, you know those wrap things that are all the hype nowadays? Well, I make my own at home, and they work wonders!!! This will sound really silly, and probably weird...but, all I do is exfoliate, then SLATHER really good moisturizing lotion on my problem areas, then i wrap myself in plastic wrap:), then an ace bandage. Leave it on for as long as you want, some people even do it overnight, you will not believe how much it helps! I have five kids, and I have less noticable marks now then I did after my first!


Anything with cocoa butter should help. They will not completely disappear, in my opinion, but you may be lucky enough to reduce the appearance of them. I used Palmers stretch mark cream while pregnant, and I used it three times a day. It also helped with itching, at times.


There are a ton of creams and lotions and belly butters out there that claim to help prevent them or make them go away . Then there are the doctors that say , you cant prevent them and they wont ever go completely go away . My own experience is that they have faded but have never gone away and I was never able to prevent them . I feel at this point proud of them , they are proof that my body grew 6 amazing children !

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What would you recommend as the best cream for stretch marks?
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