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How can you get your child to eat from the spoon?

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Coordination doesn't come easily to all toddlers. Eating with utensils can take some time to master. And there are some foods that are still difficult for adults to eat with any utensil, like peas, rice, and noodles. I'm not a big fan of using toddler-sized utensils for very long. I think introducing your toddler to regular silverware will help in the long run so they can get used to holding and positioning adult-sized spoons and forks. If your toddler doesn't want to use their utensils with every meal, I wouldn't fret about it. Children learn what they see so as long as the family is sitting down eating meals together with utensils, your toddler will pick their utensils up on their own and use them after seeing everyone else using them for a while. If they still choose to use their hands for solid foods (sandwiches, meats, vegetables) then that should be alright. I would start small and have them use their spoons for more liquid foods like applesauce and soups. That stuff is easier to scoop and you can usually get quite a bit with each spoonful and this encourages the child because they can get more food per bite. If the food is hard to scoop and tends to fall and roll all over the place, the child will probably lose interest in utensils and use their hands. It takes time. Be patient and let your child decide when they're ready to use spoons and forks regularly.

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How can you get your child to eat from the spoon?
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