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Thong underwear: is it appropriate for a child

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Yes...it's just underwear...I used to go without panties for much of my childhood so thongs are no different and I turned out fine.


I think its very inappropriate. I am 28 years old and I don't even like thongs. I think that is something for your husband and only him. If your an adult and wearing some sort of dress that needs it then yes but not for children or teenagers


Absolutely not! That, in my opinion, is adult underwear and my daughter will only be wearing it when she is out of the house and an adult.




I don't believe so, they're much too suggestive and that which it suggests is not fair or age appropriate for ANY child. (Child you say)


I do not believe that a child should wear thong underwear. To me that says that a child is ready for sex.


No, it is not appropriate for a child. A teenager, sure, but a teenager isn't really a child. Late middle school and early high school is the youngest I would allow my own to wear them. They are more comfortable than regular and panty lines from briefs are awkward (not to mention readjusting them if they slide out of place)!

While I would probably be reluctant to let a middle school aged girl pick out that type of underwear, at that age, mommy shouldn't be micromanaging everything so much that she can't even be comfortable in her own choice of undergarments.

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Thong underwear: is it appropriate for a child
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