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How to help a lost child looking for their parents

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This is why it is so important to teach our children our real names, address and phone number(s) so if someone finds them and asks they can tell them...because this is the first thing I'd ask a child. It's probably best to call the police and have them take care of the child and situation as you never know what you may be getting involved with and they are capable of handling these kinds of situations.


We were at a large mall near us once and I saw a little boy crying.

I asked him if he knew his mommy's name. He said no and started crying again. So I said "think honey...what does your daddy call your mommy?"

While I was talking to him, my husband and kids went to have a store clerk call security. Next thing you know, I hear a mom screaming her child's name and I took him to her.

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How to help a lost child looking for their parents
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