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Will my boobs get big when I am pregnant?

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Mine never. Not necessarily during both of my two pregnancies my boobs didn't grow. They stayed the same small size. The days after birth they did GROW! But now back to my same small size. I have a feeling they won't grow during this pregnancy either.


I was a 40DD pre-pregnancy. and my boobs never grew. I thought something was wrong, but my doctor said if im producing then im fine. I breastfed for 2months and had to stop due to emergency surgery. but my son gained 1pound in a week. and the last time I breastfed and he was weighed , he weighed 11 pounds. he was perfectly healthy. but everyone is different.


Pre-pregnancy, I was a 38C. I am 38 weeks and 2 days now, I am in a 38DDD and it's kinda small. I think everyone is different though. When I did my hospital tour with other first time pregnant women, I could tell by their belly that they were pretty far along... but their chests weren't very big at all.

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Will my boobs get big when I am pregnant?
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