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Ways to deal with children acting up

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We do time outs here. If that doesn't work or isn't functional where we are we take something away. They usually get a treat if they're good in the store so if they're bad then they don't get a treat they're usually good the next time to earn that treat.


We do time out and redirection. If that does not work then we take something away and make them earn it back next if that does not work they get spanked and put into time out. The threat of spanking is usually enough and they have to be extremely bad to get to that point but sometimes it is the only thing that works. I feel awful after the fact but I ALWAYS mean always explain why I did it and where they went wrong. I always talk to my kids after and make sure they understand the situation. And of course I tell them I love them and they are still loved.


It works 95% of the time. If that doesn't work, I spank them, then put them in their room.


We use firm language and re-direction a lot but I have always felt guilty after spanking and I just don't like it.


what i do is talk to them. tell them how i fill when they do something wrong.ask them how they would fill if i did that to them.what do you think we should take away from you if need

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Ways to deal with children acting up
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