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Mom's stories: birth of your first child

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I had a super nice nurse - still remember her name was Elizabeth! - and I wanted her to be the one who helped me deliver. She told me she was off shift at 7 am, so I had to be done by then! Got an epidural that was a bit of a disaster as it only numbed one half of my body. (Never have a baby in July when the residents are new!) The attending had to reinsert it. Awful! But other than that, things went smoothly. Started pushing at about 4:30 am, and Elizabeth was sure I'd be done on time. But after having behaved very nicely until then, J finally decided he wanted to stay put. I was pushing and pushing and nada, nothing. At 5:15 am, I said to my doctor: "I am NOT having a C-section after all this pushing. Find a way to get the baby out of me!" (I may have been feeling a bit frustrated at this point!!) She said, "OK, we'll stick with this for 15 more minutes, and then I will try the vacuum/suction." Well, little J must have heard that b/c that little man popped out within 2 minutes after she said that!


After about 1 1/2 hours, the midwife came and checked me said "oh your 7 1/2 cm. We need to get you to L & D!" About 3 hours later, I had to pee really bad. SO I got up and went pee and OH BOY! I had to go the bathroom! I mean I had to GO! My mom was like DON'T PUSH!!!b Lol! Got back to the bed and the midwife checked and said "no wonder, your 9 1/2 cm"

14 minutes later, my beautiful (soon to be 4 year old) was born!


with my first my water broke around 7am and gave birth ie emergency c-section around 9pm.


First one from the breaking of my water at 10:30am to having her before 9am the next morning. The first 12 hours wasn't hard labor, just a lot of monitoring of baby and walking the halls of the hospital.

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Mom's stories: birth of your first child
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