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How to recognize language delay in children?

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The best way to recognize language delay in a child is through daily interaction with the child. A language delay is one of the most common delays a child has to deal with.

Here is a little chart to tell when you should have concerns and talk to your pediatrician about your child's questionable language delay:

By ages 3-4 months ---

does not respond to loud noises
does not babble
begins babbling but does not try to imitate sounds

7 months ---

does not respond to sounds

1 year ---

does not use any single words

2 Years ---

cannot speak at least 15 words
does not use two-word phrases without repetition; can only imitate speech
does not use speech to communicate more than immediate needs

Every child learns at their own pace, but the above information should assist you in recognizing if your child has a language delay. For me, my middle child wasn't speaking much at all by 15 months, so I knew something was up. We found out that he did have a slight language delay but not enough to get therapy. Soon after recognizing my son had a language delay we learned it was from his left ear being near deaf due to previous ear infections causing a build up on his ear drum area. The ENT visit fixed it and my son started talking without any delay almost immediately.

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How to recognize language delay in children?
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