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What to do if children are not eating

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If your child is not eating you may first want to look at physical reasons why. Does their tummy hurt? Are they teething? Did they just finish a growth spurt? It is very normal for kids to go through a phase where it seems like they barely eat. At that point try to look at the amount they are getting on a weekly basis instead of a daily basis. As long as it seems to balance out and they are plenty hydrated don't worry about it too much.


I try to feed them higher calorie healthy snacks. I have also take my doctor's advice and don't let them walk around with cuppies all day long because they fill up on liquids. I mix carnation instant breakfast or pediasure in their cups first thing in the morning with breakfast, and try to make it so they have something they will definitely eat at every meal.

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What to do if children are not eating
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