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How to get my children to stop pinching?

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Stop your child immediately whenever you witness him reaching out to pinch someone else. Hold his little hand in your hands, establish eye contact and tell him, “No pinching. We don’t pinch. Pinching hurts.”

Teach your child a positive alternative to pinching. Tell your child, “We touch nicely,,” and guiding your child’s hand gently over the victim’s arm or leg.

Remove your child from the situation. a one-minute time-out to teach your toddler that pinching is unacceptable. You might say, “If you pinch, you sit here.”

Another option might be to walk away to distract and diffuse your child’s hostility. Look out the window for a minute, talk about the dog or get a drink. The change of scenery and distraction with new thoughts can be a positive way to redirect his attention.

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How to get my children to stop pinching?
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