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Children pooping: is it possible that my child doesn't feel his poop?

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It is completely possible that your child is so busy in his own mind with what's going on; such as game time, playing and all that a toddler thinks about that they simply don't listen when their brain says "hey go poop".

My youngest child had this happen recently where he would just poop his pants all of the time because he didn't want to pause anything in his world to go sit and poop. Eventually he stopped, but I had to work with him on it.

My middle child had a health reason for his accidents, so be sure to rule out any blockage that can happen with autistic kids over all, but can happen with any child. Also, a blockage can make their brain trigger not be as "strong" when they have to poop for it's too busy thinking about pee and the rest of the child's life.

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Children pooping: is it possible that my child doesn't feel his poop?
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