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Help for children that wet the bed

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About 1 in 7 children aged 5 wet their bed at night and about 1 in 20 children aged 10 do as well.

Parents can't really night time train their children. There are ways to reduce bed wetting accidents though.

Restrict liquids 2-3 hours before bedtime. Avoid caffeine. Make sure the child doesn't fear getting up during the night to use the bathroom. Have the child fully empty their bladder right before bed.

To ease the stress of accidents for your child, put a plastic sheet on the bed underneath the fitted sheet (putting 2 layers of each can help during night time sheet changes). Use a bed wetting alarm which wakes the child when wetting starts so they get up to use the bathroom. Enlist their help (if they're old enough) to help change the sheets. Implement a reward system for dry nights (make a big deal when they do).

Most importantly, never ever scold, punish or shame a child for wetting the bed.

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Help for children that wet the bed
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