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What to do if child will not eat

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I would not worry about it to much unless it goes on for days. As long as your child is staying hydrated and looks healthy and taking vitamins. My daughter was like that for about a few days but she was drinking a lot of water and taking vitamins and she was fine and i asked her if anything was wrong and she said no. So i left it alone then the next day she was eating like she never ate before. But after that we bought her some ensure to let her know if you dont eat at least drink one of these to give yourself some protein.


If your child will not eat, try to find the cause. Are they dealing with an ear, stomach or throat ache? Those may make eating uncomfortable. Also check for tooth pain or other tooth issues. One of my kids didn't want to eat very much with a loose tooth, the sensation of eating with the wiggly tooth was uncomfortable. Another thing to check for is if they just finished a growth spurt. Usually after a growth spurt their appetite can decrease dramatically.


Always feed them what you make, let them watch you cook and help you, let them pick out a meal a week, have them at least try everything once even if you made it 2 nights before.


Do NOT make separate meals.Enforce the "one bite rule".Allow your child to pick a side to go with the meal.Kids Pick day.

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What to do if child will not eat
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