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Children deodorant: is antiperspirant healthy

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There are many different natural deodorants that children can use. Check out GNC or Vitamin World. Toms also makes a natural deo. I make my children use deodorant each morning. They are all growing and changing and boy can that BO be pretty stinky! It teaches them cleanliness and responsibility.


Antiperspirant is not healthy. Anything that stops your body from a normal function is not good. Your body needs to sweat to keep you cool. Just a deodorant to help the smell and let them sweat.


"Antiperspirants are thought to be safe but may be overkill for most kids. They stop the sweat itself — but sweat can be a good thing, since it helps the body cool down,"

You may want to avoid products that contain phthalates. These chemicals are found in many personal-care products but may be harmful to kids. Find out how to identify phthalates on ingredient labels.


Yes it's healthy but for preschool and up - I wouldn't suggest using deodorant earlier than that. It may be too strong for them.


We are concerned with aluminum found in most commercial deodorants. Also the fact that antiperspirants actually block sweat glands doesn't seem healthy to us.

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Children deodorant: is antiperspirant healthy
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