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What to do if you catch your teenage children french kissing other kids

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My daughter is BOY crazy at the moment. She wants a boyfriend so bad. I am teaching her that there is alot that comes with dating and we got into french kissing. You really do have to explain to your child that it is not ok to go around kissing people every other week. I know boyfriends come and go but sickness and diseases do not. My husband is pretty blunt with our children and says if you do this before marriage or do that with your boyfriend youll catch an STD. lol thats not true always but he doesnt want his little ones growing up so fast. So i think sitting with your child and talking to them about it is good.


it got me thinking about how my son is going to middle school in two years. How will I handle him kissing girls..I mean it's only a matter of time. Part of me hopes that I will be cool and keep that open line of communication open.


I think making children aware of relationships, physical and emotional, and teaching them proper respect of relationships and their bodies is something we need to do early on, even though it scares us that it means kids are growing up. I think it could help prevent things like that from happening, but can also build a good foundation for when they start dating and getting into serious relationships.

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What to do if you catch your teenage children french kissing other kids
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