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Limiting your child's TV time

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I try to encourage my children to play outside as much as they can. When I was little my mom always put the TV in front of us. We had TV trays so we ate dinner watching it. I was glued! I now HATE tv because of this. I do have my shows but I rarely watch! My children usually just watch at bedtime or if we pop a movie in.


TV time is more of a treat at our house. We're never home enough to watch TV. I don't let them watch TV that often because I want them to be active and not worry about TV. Jay and I our home maybe 4 hours in the day to watch TV. I'll put a show she likes on and get to work around the house. But usually I wear her while I clean up. After we get Katie from school, we usually go home and help her with her HW and then they get to watch TV for half an hour before getting ready for practice. Sometimes I like to take them to the park and do homework there.


My children try and watch TV whenever they can... but I try and limit their use because sometimes it is just background noise and useless stimulation! The children are allowed TV after they have done homework and played outside.


I'm a big fan of play and imagination and boredom. I believe that the best games and ideas come from playing, using your imagination and being bored to tears, lol. So television in my house isn't a big thing....it's more like a reward or a treat. Good to have sometimes but not a necessary item. My daughter is 7 and still she's not allowed more than 3 hrs of TV a day and most of that she gets on Saturday's for her morning cartoon time and i get some sleep in time. During the week reading, playing and maybe a half hour of television is as good as it gets.


Strategies for change:

for the next few days, keep a dairy of your family TV's habits.

enforce a policy of 100 percent TV abstinence for at least a month or two, and don't give in.

set limits on screen time:

be selective as to content

Make the bedroom TV free

Limit exposure especially on school nights, when viewing may push out homework and reading time.

So do monitor what your kids watch and switch that TV off anytime your instincts tells you that what is airing is inappropriate.


I only have my step daughters during their winter break and summer; however, they love to watch TV and movies because that is ALL they do at their moms house. We try to limit the TV and movies to maybe once a day if not even less then that.


We dont have a time limit on the tv. Its just on cartoons most of the day and they run back and forth watching it and playing.

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Limiting your child's TV time
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