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Morning and evening prayers for Christian children

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We pray together at dinner and again before bed. My hubby and I pray together in the morning before he heads off to work. I feel so bad if we were to miss prayer one day I try and talk to my best friends & my mom every day God deserves much more of my time than anyone!!


We pray as a family over our meals. At night, before bed, my hubby and I kneel with my daughter at her bed and pray with her. I then go into our room and pray over my son. I also say another prayer in my daughter's room after she falls asleep.


I pray with all of my children nightly as I am usually not with them in the morning, when I am not with them I encourage them to read their Bible before heading out to school and to pray with one another as they prepare to leave, of course we pray at dinner, and each night before going to bed. My older two don't use the "Now I lay me down to sleep" prayer but my youngest does and even though we encourage her to pray this prayer we also encourage her to add anything else she would like or anyone else that she would like to pray for.


I don't think that prayer needs to be any specific words so I encourage prayers about things we are thankful for, thing we are worried about, things we want to talk about, etc.


My children learn to say prayers almost immediately. When they are infants I pray for/with them. i found that it also is a great way to rid the room of monsters.


I think it is a good thing it allows them to express their feelings for what they are thankful for and concerns on their mind. it a good thing to let them know the lord is always listening even when we parents are too busy.

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Morning and evening prayers for Christian children
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