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Moms, do you celebrate on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

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My son's birthday is Christmas Eve! We celebrate his day by first (before the big Christmas feast) having him a birthday party and then we celebrate the birth of Jesus by having a feast and a little birthday cake that says happy birthday to Jesus! Then later on the evening we make sugar cookies for Santa and open up presents from our family. Then on Christmas Day we open up all the presents Santa has brought us and then we go out to IHOP and eat with the family and share stories on what everyone got from Santa!


I worked as a nurse for 16 years, so when we celebrated Christmas depended on my work schedule. It seemed the kids were with their dad on the holidays I had off, and with me for the ones I had to work. So, sometimes we would celebrate on Christmas Eve, or the weekend before or after Christmas. Now that I don't have to work on holidays, we celebrate on Christmas Day.

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Moms, do you celebrate on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
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Happy Birthday to my Son Ryan who is 31 today!!
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