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Discipline strategies for 6 year old boy

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The best way to deal with behavior problems is to prevent them. Teach your child about feelings and teach problem-solving skills and it will prevent a lot of behavior problems. However, when behavior problems arise, it’s important to use consistent discipline to deter them from being repeated.

Ignore Mild Misbehavior – Ignoring is an effective behavior modification technique that can reduce attention-seeking behaviors such as whining, complaining or mild temper tantrums.

Praise – Praise the positive behaviors as soon as you see them and they’re likely to be repeated. This can reinforce a 6 year olds confidence and it ensures them that you are noticing when they are trying to follow the rules.

Time Out – Time out can be a great tool to teach your child how to calm himself down. You can also refer to it as “quiet time” or a cooling off period so he’ll be more likely to use time out on his own when he’s feeling upset.

Rewards – 6 year olds are often very interested in earning money or rewards. Create a reward system to address specific behavior problems or consider a token economy system to encourage good behavior.

Modeling – Most 6 year olds are very interested in learning how to behave in social situations and how to manage their feelings. Role modeling appropriate behavior is one of the best ways to teach them how to manage their emotions.

Logical Consequences – Logical consequences are a great way to help your child learn from his mistakes. Most 6 year olds are able to see the direct link between their behavior and the consequence which can prevent them from repeating the behavior next time.

Natural Consequences – Since a lot of 6 year olds want to be able to make some decisions on their own, allowing them to face natural consequences can be a great learning experience, as long as it is safe to do so.

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Discipline strategies for 6 year old boy
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